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  1. What is an EPC?

    An Energy Performance Certificate rates a building in terms of its capability to use energy efficiently. The building is rated on a scale of A – G rather like white electrical goods, and is based on average cost of running na average home and CO2 emissions.

  2. Who Needs an EPC?

    Anyone buying or selling their home, or for solar feed in tarrif (FIT)

  3. When do I need an EPC

    EPCS are, by law, needed to be obtained as soon as you decide to market your property, and before first viewing.

    For FIT EPCs are required for submitting your forms for FIT, and a D must be obtained for full feedback, so it is adviseable to obtain your EPC prior to having PVs fitted.

  4. How long does an EPC take?

    This depends on the number of rooms, and the area of the house.

    As a guide, an average 3 bed semi will take approx. 40 minutes. A very large 5 bed could take an hour and a half.

  5. What happens during an EPC?

    To begin with the Assessor will ask a few questions regarding age of property and any extensions and other general information

    Next a plan of the outside will be drawn.

    During an EPC the following has to be seen and photographed:

    The front, rear and side of property

    All rooms including basement

    The Loft

    Your Boiler, or other heating system, and cylinder if applicable

    Any proof of insulation and extensions


    Low Energy Lightbulbs

    Any proof of conversions age (so it helps to have these ready if possible)

    At the end of the survey the surveyor will run through a sample EPC


  6. When will I get the EPC?

    The EPC certificate will be delivered via PDF within 1 working day, and usually the same day as the survey.

    There is a £3 charge if you wish a hardcopy to be sent to your home address, and please allow 7 working days to receive this via royal mail

  7. Why do you take photographs and who gets to see them?

    Photographs are taken for two purposes only:

    For the Assessor to refer back to when writing up the survey

    For Auditing Purposes. Auditing will be explained to you at the survey and is to ensure a high and accurate standard of work by the DEA

    Photos are held for 10 years by law, but are not published on the web. No photos of your personal belongings are taken.

    In the case of tenants the photographs are not given to your landlord

  8. Is the DEA qualified and Accredited

    The Assessor is fully qualified, accredited via Quidos and fully ensured. For your peace of mind the Assessor is also CRB checked

  9. How much do EPCs cost?

    An EPC is priced according to the number of bedrooms. Generally a larger home will take longer than a smaller home to assess, and a lot longer to write up.

  10. Other Questions?

    If your question has not been answered here, please email with your enquiry to and I will answer ASAP

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  1. What if I am not happy with the service?

    I sincerely hope that you have a good experience, however I understand that sometimes complaints or queries do occur.

    If you have a query regarding the EPC then please email or call me ASAP

    If you have a complaint then please follow the following procedure:

    Complains should be addressed in WRITING preferably by email within 14 days.

    I will endeavour to answer your complaint within 7 days, but will reply to acknowledge as soon as possible, and within 24 hours.

    If after we have tried to resolve the problem you are still unhappy you may escalate this further to my Accreditation Board. Furtehr details will be supplied on request


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